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Video lectures for Computational Creativity

Video lectures for Computational Creativity
Park City, UT, USA | June 29th, 2015

Scientific talks of ICCC 2015

The whole scientific program of ICCC 2015, the Sixth International Conference on Computational Creativity, was streamed in the Internet. The talks are also available as recordings in YouTube:


  • Session 1: Creative Autonomy
  • Session 2: Evaluation in the Arts
  • Session 3: Creative Mechanisms
  • Session 4: Language


  • Session 5: Evaluation of Creativity
  • Session 6: Musical Interaction
  • Session 7: Conceptual Blending

Wednesday AM

  • Keynote, Emily Short: Machine Improvisation on a Human-Authored Script: Beyond Versu
  • Session 8: Visual Arts
  • Session 9: Games, Music and Cocktails

Wednesday PM

  • Session 10: Creativity Support
  • Session 11: Imagination and Curiosity
  • Session 12: Short Talks


  • Session 13: Co-creativity
  • Session 14: Language

For the program of ICCC, see http://computationalcreativity.net/iccc2015/?page_id=154


Introductory Video Lectures for Computational Creativity

The PROSECCO network is proud to announce the availability of 20+ hours of public video lectures on Computational Creativity. The lectures are introductory in nature and they are aimed at students and researchers who are interested in getting an overview of the field and the various research issues within it. The lectures cover a large spectrum of Computational Creativity topics from theory to applications and from philosophy to web services.


The lectures are given by the leading experts in the field. The videos were recorded at the 2013 PROSECCO Autumn School on Computational Creativity in Porvoo, Finland.

Hannu Toivonen, Tony Veale: Opening

Tony Veale: Introduction to Computational Creativity (double lecture) (video, slides)

Simon Colton: Building an Automated Painter (double lecture) (video, slides)

Amilcar Cardoso: Computational Approaches to Conceptual Blending (part 1/2) video, slides, bibliography)

Nada Lavrac: Text mining for Creative Cross-Domain Knowledge Discovery (double lecture) (video, slides)

Geraint Wiggins: Characterising Computational Creativity (video, slides, clip 1, clip 2)

Rachel Giora: Optimal Innovation and Creative Interpretations of Literal and Non-Literal Language (double lecture) (video, slides)

Graeme Ritchie: Evaluating Quality in Creative Systems (double lecture) (video, slides; bibliography)

Amilcar Cardoso: Computational Approaches to Conceptual Blending (part 2/2) (slides; bibliography)

Geraint Wiggins: Modeling Musical Creativity  (double lecture) (video, slides, clip 1, clip 2; clip 3, clip 4, clip 5)

Rob Saunders: Artificial Creative Systems: Multi-agent Simulations of Social Creativity (part 1/2) (video, slides)

Tony Veale: Creativity as a Web Service (double lecture) (video, slides)

Geraint Wiggins: Creativity before Consciousness  (video, slides, clip)

Rob Saunders: Artificial Creative Systems: Multi-agent Simulations of Social Creativity (part 2/2) (video, slides)

Rachel Giora: On the Creativity of Negation: The Case of Negative Sarcasm (double lecture) (video, slides)

Pablo Gervas: Computational Creativity in Literary Artifacts: Narrative and Poetry (double lecture) (video, slides)

Simon Colton: Philosophical Issues (video, slides)

Simon Colton: Guiding Principles of Building Creative Systems (video, slides)

Closing remarks