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2015 Code Camp on Computational Creativity

2015 Code Camp on Computational Creativity
Portugal | January 12th, 2015

Visit out local website with more details: http://codecampcc.dei.uc.pt/

The PROSECCO network will organize a Computational Creativity Code Camp in the charming university town of Coimbra, Portugal, from January 12-15, 2015. The event is aimed at application-minded students in universities and theory-minded developers from industry.


The focus of the code-camp will be Creative Twitterbots.  A Twitterbot is an autonomous software agent that generates its own textual outputs, to reflect its own interests and domain of knowledge, and tweets these outputs without human control or curation. Twitterbots provide some of the most interesting outputs on Twitter, though few rise to the level of true computational creativity. Rather, almost all Twitterbots are merely generative, insofar as they generate outputs that are sometimes taken to be witty, apt or even creative by their recipients, but many more besides.  Mere generators are unable to critique their own outputs, and predict which have creative merit and which do not. Twitterbots are playful and subversive creations, and the very best allow their developers to be meta-creative conceptual artists.  A creative Twitterbot is a Twitterbot that is creative in its own right, because it actively rejects many of its own potential outputs, and because -- at some non-trivial level -- it understands its own outputs.


Participants in the code-camp will work together in groups to produce their own novel Twitterbots that rise to the level of computational creativity.  Given this ambitious goal, the camp will combine some technical lectures with a great deal of hands-on programming, group development, brainstorming, idea pitching, and peer evaluation. Experienced computational creativity researchers will act as mentors for groups and students, and shared resources will be provided to serve as the knowledge underpinning each Twitterbot.


A PROSECCO tutorial on the construction of creative Twitterbots (as well on the theory of CC more generally) can be found on our educational site RobotComix.com


To learn more about the code camp, see the local site at the camp's host, Coimbra University:   http://codecampcc.dei.uc.pt/travelandhotel.html


The application period for scholarships to this event is now closed, and all scholarship recipients have already been notified.

Organized by Tony Veale and Amilcar Cardoso