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Grants for PROSECCO Tutorial at ICCC 2016

Grants for PROSECCO Tutorial at ICCC 2016
Paris/France | June 27th, 2016

The PROSECCO network is offering 11 scholarship grants of up to €1,000 each, especially aimed at young researchers, to defray the cost of attending the Tutorial on Computational Creativity that the project is organising in the 7th International Conference on Computational Creativity, in the morning of June 27th. Each grant includes registration at the ICCC conference, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in Computational Creativity research for the whole week.

To apply for a grant to attend the conference and tutorial and related events, please contact the grant decision committee at (iccc2016.prosecco.scholarships@gmail.com) and provide the following information in your email application:

  • Full name, genre and country of citizenship
  • Name and country of your current educational institution
  • Details on your academic qualifications to date
  • Name and email address and primary research area of your current supervisor
  • Details of your current educational/research programme (e.g. Msc, PhD) and your current working topic, emphasising where relevant its connection to Computational Creativity
  • If you are planning to give your research a CC-relevant spin, let us know how
  • A description of your interest and previous experience with Computational Creativity (e.g. have you submitted previously to ICCC, or attended the conference in earlier years? Have you attended any PROSECCO event?)
  • Anything else you may think is relevant to your application and which may distinguish you from other applicants
  • Estimated costs for your trip to Paris

Please note that scholarship grants are paid after the conference, with the presentation of all relevant receipts and travel documents. However, we expect the reimbursement process to be a swift one.


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